Emergency Contact Information

Reliance Supply recognizes the importance of communication. Occasionally, our wonderful phone company (AT&T) will experience a network outage which greatly inconveniences our staff and our customers. Therefore, we have multiple backup systems in place to ensure that our staff and customers can communicate quickly and efficiently via Backup Cellular Phones, Backup Internet Phones (VOIP), and Backup Satellite Phones (or one of the other methods listed below). In Case of an Emergency (Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Fire, etc) OR if you simply can't reach us on our published land line phone numbers, feel free to use these Emergency Contact Numbers and methods listed below:

Backup Internet Fax Numbers:

Reliance Backup Fax 1.866.596.9159 (Use this number if you are unable to get through on our regular fax numbers)

Transmitting Bar Code Orders:

If you experience a problem with our Bar Code Transmission phone line please contact us on any of the lines above and we will set you up with our new web based ordering system.

NOTE: If our main office in Jacksonville closes temporarily due to an emergency we will ship your order from another distribution center. Reliance offers emergency 24/7/365 service and our main office is equipped with an automatic primary backup generator system. We take our business very seriously and WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!

Please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the methods listed above if you need us!