Company History

We know what it's like to be a part of a huge company.  For 18 years we were part of a very successful NYSE listed company with over 8,000 employees, operations in more than 30 countries, and nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.  Our company was big and it was a great company to work for.  However, bigger doesn't always equate to better.  Often, large companies lose the entrepreneurial spirit that made them great.  They become layered with huge overhead expenses and millions of dollars in long term debt.  These factors force large companies in this situation to develop higher pricing structures to cover these costs.

In November of 2002 the Carryl Family of Jacksonville, Florida purchased Reliance Supply from NCH Corporation in Irving, TX.  Reliance Supply is now a family owned, privately held corporation.   In some industries (like the Fastener and Industrial Supply Industry), being a smaller company can allow you to operate with a significantly lower overhead and at much lower margins. This, in turn, gives us the latitude to sell quality products at significantly lower prices.  This is especially true when you invest heavily in technology (which we do).  Currently, over 85% of our orders come in electronically and that percentage increases every year.  This greatly reduces our cost of doing business and our customers see the savings!

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